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A Message from the Executive Director

Time and time again we hear about how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place. We breathe some of the cleanest air in the country; we enjoy spectacular ocean and inland views; and we benefit from a wealth of community resources grown strong by ingenuity and resourcefulness, and sustained by the continued commitment of residents generous with their time and their treasure.

In 1971, forward thinking, talent and a commitment to quality healthcare all went into creating a Hospital with a level of quality and services enjoyed by few rural areas of our size. It is with our community's continued involvement, dedication and support along with the extraordinary efforts of our Hospital physicians, nurses, administration and staff that sustain this vital community resource.

For thirty years the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation has engaged in fundraising and community activities to provide support for vital equipment and services at Mendocino Coast Hospital. We believe the people of our community as well as the many visitors that our area attracts are our most important resource for the continued stability, growth and progress of our Hospital. For these reasons we value every donation and invite your support... because it's OUR Hospital!

-Jeri Erickson
Executive Director
Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation

Welcome to the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation. We regard our community as the most important resource for the continued growth, stability and progress of Mendocino Coast Hospital. The Hospital Foundation raises funds for patient services and the replacement and purchase of equipment essential to the provision of up-to-date healthcare. We recognize the true importance of community members working together.

Mendocino Coast Hospital is here for all of us, providing quality care close to home, where and when we need it most! Philanthropy is critical to the programs and services provided by Mendocino Coast Hospital. So we hope you will consider joining us in our efforts to sustain and improve this vital community healthcare resource.

Our Mission
To engage in fundraising and community involvement to promote and support quality healthcare services in the area covered by the Mendocino Coast Health Care District.

About the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation
The Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Fort Bragg, California. We are a stand-alone 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to provide healthcare support by funding essential equipment, capital projects and core services for the Mendocino Coast Healthcare District, which includes the Mendocino Coast District Hospital.

The Foundation is the vehicle through which the community invests its money in the Mendocino Coast Healthcare District and has the responsibility to take care of the community's investments to support the existence of a Hospital and healthcare services that meet the community's needs. The Foundation accomplishes this by raising money to fund specific projects for the Healthcare District.

A tax-deductible gift to the Foundation is an investment in the health of our community. You can feel secure in knowing that contributions to the Foundation are held in secure investment accounts in conformance with a Board-adopted Investment Policy. Contributions are disbured to our Hospital under strict guidelines and in accordance with donor intentions.