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Your tax-deductible gift provides support for equipment, services, and projects that help Mendocino Coast Hospital meet the needs of the community it serves.

Our goal is to keep quality health care available on the Mendocino Coast so that, whenever possible, residents and visitors to the coast can be cared for in a supportive environment close to family and friends.

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Ways to Give
A gift to the Hospital Foundation - at any level - helps us to provide you, your loved ones and friends with quality medical care right here on the coast, and can provide significant tax advantages. The ways to give are as many and varied as the people who give them:

  • Making a contribution in memory of a loved one with a memorial gift
  • Showing appreciation to a physician or caregiver with a tribute gift
  • Supporting the specialized care needed to save lives and sustain quality programs and services through an annual gift
  • Caring for future generations through a planned gift
  • Create a legacy through an endowment or naming opportunities

We are happy to accept:

  • Gifts of Stock
  • Wills & Bequests
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Pledges

Memorial / Tribute Gifts
A Commemorative Gift to the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation is a contribution made out of love, friendship, and respect. It is a thoughtful way to honor a person or a special event, or make a memorial tribute to a special person, friend, or family member.

When we receive your Commemorative Gift, we send an acknowledgement card to you, as well as a gift card to the person who has been honored, or to the family or friend of the person who has been remembered with a memorial gift. The amount of the gift is not included on the acknowledgement card.

Celebration Donations
Holidays... Birthdays... Celebrations... Thanks! elebrate the Holidays, the birth of a child, an anniversary, a special birthday or simply to say 'Thank You!'

Donate to the Hospital Foundation in honor of friends, family, a doctor or caregiver and even clients!

Why not donate a gift to the Hospital Foundation in their name? We'll send them a card acknowledging your gift to help them celebrate! The recipient can enjoy their gift knowing it is helping to support the availability of high quality local health care.

Share your commitment to support the Hospital Foundation, give a Tribute gift today.

Own or operate a business?
Give a gift that shows your clients and customers that you care about them and our community. We'll make it easy for you. Call the Hospital Foundation office at 961-4671.

Annual Gifts
Your pledge of annual support helps sustain the ongoing Hospital programs and services needed by our community. Your unrestricted gift will be used to fund current Foundation priorities; or you may choose to restrict your gift to an area of hospital care that is especially meaningful to you. Contact the Hospital Foundation for further information about pledging annual support for our Hospital.

Planned Gifts
By including the Hospital Foundation in your will, donating a gift of appreciated securities, or creating a charitable trust, you could be providing tax benefits for yourself and your heirs while supporting the care and services of our Hospital.

Naming Opportunities
Honor or memorialize loved ones by creating a lasting visible legacy for all to share. Contact the Hospital for information about Naming Opportunities.

Donation Designation
General Donations fund current Foundation priorities and play a very important role in our ability to provide support for our Hospital. Simply writing a check or giving through our new secure online process is one of the most common ways to support Mendocino Coast Hospital.

Restricted Donations provide an opportunity to support specific departments, programs or areas of care that are especially meaningful to you.

Special Fund Profiles

Ambulance Fund

For local residents and coastal visitors, having a professional, responsive and experienced ambulance service is a community priority. Along with the local fire departments, our medics provide quick response to both major and minor emergencies. Supported by our annual 911 Raffle and designated donations throughout the year, the Ambulance Fund provides for the regular replacement of the Hospital District's ambulances as well as the lifesaving equipment needed to outfit them. Ambulance units wear out after 8 - 10 years of service and can cost over $95,000 each. In the past, replacement was a problem, as maintaining an around-the-clock ambulance service in a rural area is not a moneymaking proposition. With the community's support of the 911 Raffle, we are able to raise the funds we need, and put aside between $15,000 and $20,000 each year towards ambulance replacement. In the event of an emergency, it's comforting to know that the ambulance rushing to the scene and the men and women providing your family's urgent care are supported by the Ambulance Fund.

Diagnostic Imaging... for the best care here at home.

Vital to moms-to-be in Obstetrics, patients in the Emergency Department, and post-operative cancer patients needing follow-up CT scans, diagnostic imaging equipment is used in myriad ways and in virtually every department throughout our Hospital.

Of particular importance in our rural coastal locale, diagnostic imaging technologies-CT Scanning, Ultrasound, Radiology, etc.-help our physicians to determine if they can care for you here at home close to family and friends, or if transport to another facility "over the hill" would produce a better outcome.

Our Hospital's ability to provide comprehensive diagnostic care hinges on both the expertise and talents of its physicians and technicians, and the quality of its equipment. Donations directed to Diagnostic Imaging Services not only help to fund vital equipment, but they help our Hospital attract quality physicians and technicians. With a top-notch team now in place, we are working with the Hospital to provide funding for up-to-date diagnostic imaging equipment that meets the needs of our community and those who care for us. An excellent team plus the modern equipment to complement their talents and expertise assures the best care here at home.

Elwin Cox Memorial Cancer Care Fund

The Cox family, like many families in our community, has experienced the high cost of cancer care and has created a legacy in memory of Elwin that will help those in need.

Gifts to the Elwin Cox Memorial Cancer Care Fund will be used to assist cancer patients in our community challenged by the high costs of cancer-related treatment and services. We hope that your generosity will aid cancer patients in our community for years to come.


MCDH Hospice provides home care and support for the terminally ill of our community, and at absolutely no charge to them or their family. Hospice is family-centered, offering practical, emotional and spiritual support to our patients, and their caregiving relatives and friends.

As MCDH Hospice is supported solely through the generosity of donors like you, donations to Hospice support the continued provision of this essential service to our community. MCDH Hospice - Ensuring that all terminally ill patients in our community have access to compassionate care that leads to a better quality of life at the end of life.

Gloria Fredrickson Nurse's Fund

This fund is available to MCDH staff nurses and MCDH contracted nurses of long standing for materials which would benefit the nursing staff as a whole or within their departments in improving working conditions on the floor, allowing greater ease of patient care and in contributing to the merriment of spirit among co-workers and the hospital community.

"Gloria Fredrickson died on April 29th 2002 under the compassionate care of Dr. Jan Kirsch and the nursing staff of MCDH after a brave struggle with pancreatic cancer. In her life she brought joy to others and loved to laugh. It is our hope that in the exercise of this fund that happiness lingers on." - Lisa Fredrickson

Patient Room Improvement Project

Long recognized as a critical environment of care issue, our patient room improvement project received a huge boost with the success of the 2011 Winesong fund-a-need auction lot.

The finest physicians, equipment and technologies are certainly critical to patient care, but without a comfortable, welcoming environment in which families and friends can lend their love and support, we are missing an essential piece of the healing process.

With the support of Winesong and community donations we are well on our way to providing some major enhancements in the comfort and care of our hospital patients.

For further information about these and other fund development projects, please contact the Hospital Foundation at (707) 961-4688 or via

Expressions of Gratitude and Giving

Each year, the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation receives hundreds of generous contributions from or community. The Hospital Foundation is the conduit through which these gifts pass on the way to their intended purpose-support of equipment and services at Mendocino Coast Hospital.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Mendocino Coast Hospital continues to provide quality medical care and outstanding community support.

In appreciation and recognition of our generous donors, the Hospital Foundation dedicated the Donor Wall of Honor in 2009. Our donor recognition wall is located just inside the entrance to the Patient Services Building and includes contributions made to the Hospital Foundation. Donors are recognized based on their cumulative giving levels:

Benefactors $5,000 - $9,999
Partners $10,000 - $24,999
Ambassadors $25,000 - $49,999
Visionaries $50,000 - $99,999
Trustees $100,000 - $249,999
Pacesetters $250,000 - $499,999
Founders $500,000 +

We are proud to recognize our donors for their support and celebrate their generosity in a public setting. Please stop by and visit the Donor Wall of Honor. For information on how you can be included on the donor wall or move to the next level, contact the Hospital Foundation at 961-4688 or